License of estate agent, broker, or consultant (8ECTS)

Introduction to Legalities and Legislation within the Real Estate Business

MQF Level 4

This module introduces learners to legislations that regulates the operation of a real estate intermediation business together with general legalities which compose the real estate business law.

Introduction to Finance and Basic Compliance Matters of a Real Estate Intermediary

MQF Level 4

This module introduces the learner to the financial aspect of Real Estate and Real Estate Intermediation business. 

Basic Real Estate Communication Techniques 

MQF Level 4

This module equips learners with various communication techniques at different levels within the real estate consultancy phase.  The learner will be taught how to deliver clear, fair and correct advertising content

Introduction to the Technical Aspects within Real Estate Market

MQF Level 4

This module introduces the learner to the Real Estate market, its structure and operation. It also highlights the various Building and Sanitary Legislations, health and safety legal and procedural matters and construction liability aspect.

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