OUR Mission

Over the last centuries, humans have always thrived to create safe and secure spaces for shelter and human convenience. With the development of technology, engineering, and the construction industry; our vision is to contribute to the facilities management fields by offering our clients academic knowledge and consultancy. Our academic objective is to support the facilities industry ranging from residential, commercial, and public buildings through accredited courses at different academic levels. The consultancy services focus on providing additional value to businesses and landlords by maximizing utility, increase the assets valuation, optimise lifecycle costs, and reduce your environmental footprint. MFMAC is the natural home to leading practitioners, academic experts and technical experts in vast array of disciplines, all converging under Malta’s first Facilities Management Academy.


Delivered by seasoned Facilities professionals that climbed the corporate ladder, our academy delivers the theoretical base for a rewarding career in this exciting ever-changing field. MFMAC is a recognized institution both nationally and internationally and is proud to be the first specialized Facilities Academy in Malta.

We fully understand the importance of sustainability, systems and engineering excellence but we also fully believe that the human resource and knowledge is the essential pediment to a solid and rewarding career in facilities management

Bachelor of Science in Facilities Management (240 ECTS)

MQF Level 6

This course is an excellent choice for both existing and potential professionals within the facilities sector. This course will help the participants master the skills required to embark on a successful journey as a facilities manager.


Start achieving your career goals with MFMAC



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