Award in Basic Verbal Communication Skills for Construction Workers

Award in Basic Verbal Communication Skills for Construction Workers (5 ECTS)

MQF Level 1

Date – TBC
Duration – 5 Weeks
Accredited – TBC
Price – 250

Course Description

This programme focuses on ways a student or construction worker can improve their communication skills to succeed in the construction field. It contains topics that reflect the latest developments in the field, making it automatically relevant to students’ needs. The lecturer serves as a mentor and tutor in the content delivery; however, the student will actively participate through discussions and other communication activities. Student-centred assessments are carried out throughout the duration of the course to ensure achievement of learning outcomes.

The course focuses on the integration of authentic resources and enable the student to share their experiences with other participants in the course and with the experts within the teaching team.

Entry Requirements

Students must be over the age of 16 years and have a clean police conduct (not older than 2 months) and ID card or passport. They must have work experience in construction industry and produce Jobsplus employment registration i.e company occupation.


This programme targets individuals or students in vocational education and company employees in training at work. Written by industry practitioners, it combines a strong grammar syllabus with specialist vocabulary and skills learners require to succeed in their field.  This course is targeted towards individuals aspiring to work in the construction industry as a labourers or tradesmen, who do not have basic communication skills to work in a team during work. This course is based on a combination of basic technical words in construction. The trainees need to succeed in this area which contains topics that reflect the latest developments in the field, making it immediately relevant to their individual, professional needs.


Learning Outcomes

This programme has been designed to allow learners to gain basic communication level of knowledge and skills in relation to construction works. It will allow them to learn the fundamental communication skills to initiate their career in the building and construction industry. This course is a combination of basic technical words in the construction industry. Through this programmes, learners will gain the autonomy to:

  1. improve workplace performance
  2. create better work opportunities
  3. improve quality of work
  4. Enhance technical communication

Career Paths

Career Paths

By the end of the course, the learner will be better able to

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of safety terminology and training
  2. Explain and discuss basic construction vocabulary
  3. Use the correct terms to describe working on construction sites
  4. Demonstrate understanding of  basic building material and tool vocabulary
  5. Create effective and specific vocabulary to the employees’ work
  6. Understand the very basic communication skills and expressions in construction works.
  7. Use very basic technical words for construction including but not limited to materials and machineries
  8. Utilize  the frequently used technical words to communicate better and in an appropriate manner
  9. Speak with a basic level of fluency within specific situations
  10. Use basic knowledge of the language to carry out simple exchanges of information in the construction industry


Introduction to the Construction Industry

MQF Level 1

Construction Elements, Foundations and Structures

MQF Level 1

Understanding Building Materials and Supplies

MQF Level 1

Basic Health & Safety for Construction Workers

MQF Level 1


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