Pre-tertiary Certificate in Real Estate Intermediation (60ECTS)

Introduction Project Management in Real Estate

MQF Level 4

This programme allows learners to become knowledgeable in the field of project management. It allows them to understand and appreciate the links between project management and facilities management and the crucial role that project management plays within the field of facilities management..

Introducing Sustainability and Sustainable Practice in Real Estate

MQF Level 4

This module allows learners to understand the definitions as well as the need for corporate social responsibility and sustainability within the field of facilities management. Moreover, learners shall also be exposed to the importance of effective management of energy resources, as well as alternative resources of energy which are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Learners shall lastly understand how the organisation’s practices affect the overall external environment within which it operates through sustainable practices and corporate social responsibility.

Space Planning and Allocation in Real Estate

MQF Level 4

This module allows learners to become knowledgeable and skilful within the area of space planning and allocation with specific reference to real estate. Learners will be able to identify various trends and challenges, requirements of spaces, as well as considerations that must be taken into consideration prior to the implementation of changes to spaces.

Understanding Health and Safety Practices in Real Estate

MQF Level 4

This module shall allow learners to understand their role and responsibility in ensuring a healthy and safe working environment within real estate. Moreover, it shall allow them to gain understanding of the role that health and safety plays on the overall success of real estate management, how to minimise risks and overcome health and safety challenges through effective reporting.

Real Estate Finance and Financial Tools

MQF Level 4

This module will expose the learner with different level of financial knowledge.  It will explore the aspects of finance at both business level as well the use of financial knowledge required by the Real Estate Intermediation service provision.  It will also enhance knowledge of the learner in understanding how real estate financing works and which types of financing are available in the market.

Real Estate Business, Marketing, and Strategic Planning

MQF Level 4

This module will equip learner with different real estate business models, research methodologies for preparing a marketing plan, marketing techniques to be used in the Real Estate intermediation sector, converting market research into strategic planning and strategy execution methods.

Real Estate Law and Compliance

MQF Level 4

This module targets the Legal observation, Contractual responsibilities and processes together with complying with various legislations  pertaining to the real estate intermediation business, mainly the “Real Estate Agents, Property Brokers and Property Consultants Act Chapter 615”..

The Real Estate Market, Economy, and Analysis 

MQF Level 4

This module will give learners the knowledge to understand the real estate market, understanding the market developments according to demographic and demand/supply changes. It also delivers local and foreign economical knowledge together with statistical data and tool available for such research.

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